Magic Carpet Cleaning of York PA - 4 ROOMS ONLY $99.00! CALL FOR DETAILS!
Wand cleans normal condition soliled carpet fibers.
Wand cleans normal condition soliled carpet fibers.
The Rotovac Power wand restores heavily soiled matted fibers.
The Rotovac Power wand restores heavily soiled matted fibers.
You get a much better job if the carpet is severely soiled and hasn't been cleaned in years.
Carpet Cleaning Wand Prices:
2 Rooms $59.00,     3 Rooms $89.00,    4 Rooms $99.00 and additional $25/rm (new customers only),   5 Rooms $149.00 
Each room is a maximum of 200 square feet. Add a room for only $25.00.
Add a hallway up to 10 feet long for only: $10.00.
Whole House Carpet Cleaning Wand Specials:
Rancher without steps: $119.00         
Rancher with steps: $139.00
House Trailer: $99.00                      
Double Wide: $119.00
Condo: $119.00                  
Small Town home: $149.00
Large Town home 2 levels:179.00    
Large Town home 3 levels: $199.00
Two story Colonial: $299.00  (up to 2200 sq ft.)           
Two story Colonial with finished basement $349

Rotovac Wand Prices:

$50 a room (up to 200 sq ft) or a 50% increase on any of the above wand prices or whole house specials. Keep in mind the Rotovac power wand does a much better job on matted dirty fibers because it lifts the fibers and restores the carpet. Allot of homes may just need a rotary scrub on the bottom floor, and a wand extraction up stairs. We only charge you for the Rotovac wand where we use it.

Furniture Cleaning:
Couch: $59.00           
Love Seat: $39.00    
Couch, and Love Seat Special Only $89.00!
Small Chair $10.00    
Large Stuffed Chair $39.00 
Couch, Chair, and Love Seat Special only $99.00!
Vehicle Interior Cleaning:
Truck Cab: $59.00,      Small Car: $69.00       Large Car: $79.00
Mini-Van:   $79.00       Full size Van: $99.00  Extended Pass Van: $119.00
Cleaning includes all fabric areas. Dashboard and Arm-rest are coated with protector.
Tile, and Grout Cleaning
Only $50.00 an area! (up to 200 square feet).
Your Tile, and Grout will be clean after we use our Commercial Floor Buffer, and special solution.
Vinyl Composition Tile Stripping, and Waxing: 
Your floor will be thoroughly stripped using our commercial floor buffer. All black marks, and old wax will be removed. Then we run our floor blower to adequately dry your floor.
Next we apply our commercial floor wax, which leaves your floor glimmering, and clean.
Only $159.00 for up to 200 square feet.
Restoration Services:
Emergency Flood Service:     Please call for an estimate.
Pet Urine Removal:               Estimate given after initial cleaning.
Red Juice Stain Removal:      Generally $15-$25 depending on size of settled in stain.
Deodorizer, and Carpet Protector:
Deodorizer: Only $10.00 a room. Different scents are available. Spice Air, and Sanitizer are our most popular. We also have Cherry, and Lemon.

New Pet Odorcide: Only $15.00 a room. This deodorizer will knock the pet smell out of your occupied residence or rental property. It actually bonds to the odor molecule, and then the odor can be removed by extracting it from the carpet.
Carpet Protector: Only $15.00 a room. Our protector is of high quality.  This product will coat your carpeting, and keep it cleaner longer. When Protector is applied to your carpeting it makes the dirt more difficult to stick, and facilitates easier vacuuming.  
Contact us to schedule your service today at: 717-688-0227
We take cash, checks, and credit cards for payment. All prices do not include PA 6% sales tax.

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