Magic Carpet Cleaning of York PA - 4 ROOMS ONLY $99.00! CALL FOR DETAILS!
Hi I would like to let everyone know that we purchased some new powerful carpet cleaning equipment for 2015.First we have the Diamondback Stormchaser portable extractor. This machine has two powerful three stage vacuum motors which suck more dirt out of your carpet, and it get it dryer faster. Our dry times are between 4-6 hours depending on the length of the fibers. Then we added a new powerful adjustable 400 psi pump that will blast the dirt away.

Next we purchased a Rotovac power wand that scrubs your carpet with it's two counter rotating heads and six solution spray jets. This wand will renew your worn down traffic areas by loosening up the matted fibers, and pulling them back up again. Check out these before and after pictures of a job we just did.

Before wow look at all this dirt and the nasty worn down high traffic areas.
Wow look how the Rotovac power wand scrubs those fibers deep down, and revitalizes them!

Look at the room now it doesn't even look like the same carpet. We save the owner allot of money by not having to replace the carpet.


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